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Optimize your retail operations
for every future

Say goodbye to silos. Use RELEX’s digital twin modeling and AI-powered analytics to create cross-functional alignment and optimize the use of inventory, capacity, and resources across your business. Ensure that your merchandising, supply chain, and operations—all the way to the individual store associate—work in sync to maximize sales with minimum cost.

Store execution

Drive timely, efficient collaboration between store staff and central teams, ensuring better availability, easier management of daily work, and improved customer satisfaction.

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Workforce optimization and management

Make data-based scheduling decisions to ensure you have enough staff available to effectively match your projected workload to improve sales and employee satisfaction with lower cost.

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S&OE and S&OP

Close the gap between planning and execution by aligning your capacity, resources, and inventory with your sales plans, and proactively resolve exceptions before they impact your business.

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