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The RELEX Living Retail Platform

Take your core retail processes to the next level. Optimize your demand planning, merchandising, supply chain, and retail operations with RELEX.

Stay competitive by improving your operational autonomy through data-driven, algorithmic processes. Retailers who automate large amounts of routine calculations free their planners to tackle higher-value challenges. And when those planners work in a software that lets them innovate quickly and proactively, your business stays adaptive and resilient in a world of constant change. The Living Retail Platform enables you to optimize your retail operations for every future — not just the one you’ve planned for.

Dive deeper into RELEX’s Living Retail Platform

Leverage the power of AI

Let our self-learning, self-optimizing technology automate huge batches of repetitive tasks — whether forecasting or planogramming — without human intervention. Our platform uses the full toolbox of retail math to make autonomous planning decisions, from swarm intelligence to machine learning.

Process retail-scale data at retail speed

Leverage unmatched computational power to process large amounts of retail data, on a retail scale, at retail speed, and turn data into actionable decisions. Our in-memory database minimizes unnecessary data handling, speeding up customer runs through continuous data processing and high-performance analytics.


Implement adaptable processes in an age of constant change

Configure, don’t code. RELEX empowers users to continuously innovate at low cost and low effort, improving adaptability and resilience in a world of constant change. Your configurations survive all updates and upgrades, ensuring you reap the benefits of our extensive R&D without disruption.

Break down silos with unified planning

Say goodbye to silos. RELEX is the first retail planning platform that enables cross-functional optimization. Ensure your merchandising, supply chain, and operational decisions are aligned and executed in synchronization for increased total profit.

RELEX platform

Ready to thrive in the age of Living Retail?

We’re happy to discuss your retail optimization needs and share how our Living Retail Platform will make your operations data-driven, autonomous, and adaptive.

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