RELEX Named as Finalist for 6 VIP Awards to be Announced at NRF 2022

RELEX has been named a finalist for six VIP Awards, presented by Vendors in Partnership and sponsored by the National Retail Federation (NRF).

Percassi Retail Digitalizes its Multi-brand Supply Chain with RELEX

Percassi Retail, a company managing the commercial network of numerous luxury brands, has selected RELEX to digitize its supply chain.

Madame Coco Selects RELEX to Optimize Its Global Multichannel Supply Chain

Madame Coco, a leading home textile and decoration brand, partners with RELEX to automate and optimize their forecasting, replenishment, allocation, and markdown processes.

For Fourth Year, RELEX Solutions Recognized as a Top Technology Company on the RIS Software LeaderBoard

RELEX continues to distinguish itself as an industry leader by placing in the Top 10 in over 30 categories on the 2022 LeaderBoard.

Jernia Selects RELEX Solutions to Provide an Integrated and Automated Supply Chain Planning Process

Jernia, a Norwegian omnichannel retailer, will partner with RELEX to integrate their supply chain management. RELEX will provide end-to-end forecasting and replenishment planning for Jernia’s 130 stores throughout Norway.

Sandman Group Selects RELEX to Provide Unified Planning Solutions

Sandman Group, a leading distributor of consumer electronics in the Baltics, partners with RELEX to integrate and optimize their demand forecasting and replenishment processes as well as their space planning.

Online Pharmacy Apohem Selects RELEX for Forecasting and Replenishment

Apohem has selected RELEX to automate their forecasting, replenishment, and promotion forecasting. The RELEX solution will service Apohem’s distribution center in Sweden, driving improved availability and customer satisfaction.

Unifarm Boosts Efficiency at Customer Pharmacies’ with VMI Service Based on RELEX

Italian pharmaceutical wholesaler Unifarm has seen great results in improving the replenishment processes of their customer pharmacies through their partnership with RELEX.

Elektroimportøren AS Selects RELEX Solutions to Provide Unified Supply Chain and Space Planning

RELEX will provide demand forecasting, automated replenishment, allocations, and space optimization for Elektroimportøren’s 25 stores throughout Norway, as well as their e-commerce channel and distribution center.

RELEX Receives the Internationalisation Award of the President of the Republic of Finland

RELEX is one of the four companies receiving the Internationalisation Award, which grants recognition to Finnish companies that have gained international success.

German Quick Commerce Startup Flink Selects RELEX Solutions to Optimize its End-to-end Supply Chain Planning

RELEX will automate and centralize Flink’s processes across the entire supply chain, from demand forecasting to replenishment. RELEX will also support the optimization of shelf space in Flink’s small warehouses.

Event Network Expands Successful Supply Chain Partnership with RELEX Solutions

RELEX will implement its latest machine learning framework to drive improvements to demand forecasting, replenishment, allocations, and promotions management for Event Network’s distribution center and 110+ stores.

Hypermarket Chain Minimani Expands Successful RELEX Partnership to Include Workforce Optimization

Minimani, a Finnish hypermarket chain offering grocery and convenience goods, will extend its partnership with RELEX to automate and optimize shift planning with RELEX’s workforce optimization solution.

Pets at Home Selects RELEX Solutions to Deliver Demand and Fulfillment Business Transformation Across the Supply Chain

The UK’s leading pet care business, Pets at Home, has chosen RELEX to optimise its supply chain operations across forecasting, on-shelf availability, and inventory planning.

R-kioski Selects RELEX Solutions to Improve Supply Chain Efficiency

RELEX will service R-kioski’s 470 franchised stores in Finland, driving availability, reducing food waste, and improving overall supply chain efficiency.

REMA Distribusjon Norge AS Partners with RELEX Solutions to Optimize DC Forecasting and Replenishment

REMA Distribusjon Norge AS partners with RELEX to automate and optimize demand forecasting, replenishment, and allocations for their six distribution centers throughout Norway.

JOKR Selects RELEX Solutions to Provide Demand Forecasting, Replenishment, Space Optimization, and Workload Forecasting

JOKR, one of the world’s fastest-growing grocery delivery start-ups, partners with RELEX to improve planning efficiency, reduce inventory, and increase product availability.

Sephora Implements AI-Based Solution from RELEX to Improve Availability Across Distribution Network

Global beauty retail group Sephora partners with RELEX to improve their demand forecasting and automated replenishment.

Booths Extends RELEX Partnership to include Markdown Pricing and Optimisation Solution

Booths, a leading regional supermarket chain in the UK, have chosen RELEX's AI-driven markdown solution to manage seasonal, promotional, and end-of-lifecycle products.

Dollar Tree and Family Dollar Select RELEX for Integrated Forecasting and Replenishment

Leading American discount retailer Dollar Tree, Inc. partners with RELEX to improve demand forecasting and replenishment processes across their Dollar Tree and Family Dollar banners.

Broman Group Expands RELEX Partnership to Promotion Forecasting and Markdown Optimization

RELEX will service Broman Group’s 40 stores and two distribution centers, ensuring inventory is cleared at an optimal price by the end of a promotion, maximizing the success of discounts, and improving margins.

RELEX Enters Argentina by Expanding Its Partnership With DIA Group to Transform Its Supply Chain

After a successful project with DIA Group, RELEX expands the partnership to Argentina to improve DIA Argetina's on-shelf availability and efficiency across their 900 stores.

porta selects RELEX Solutions to Provide Automated and Integrated Supply Chain Management

porta group, one of the largest omnichannel furniture retailers in Germany, partners with RELEX to automate and integrate their supply chain planning.

KICKS Expands Successful Partnership with RELEX Solutions to Include Space Planning & Automation

KICKS, the Nordic region’s leading cosmetics and beauty product retailer, has chosen to expand their partnership with RELEX to include space planning and automation as well as mobile access to the RELEX system.