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Promotion planning solution

Successfully execute your promotions with high availability and no excess stock by improving your planning, forecasting, and fulfillment with our promotion planning software.


Improve promotional planning and execution

with our cross-functional, AI-driven solution

Understand the impact of promotions on both physical and digital locations across your entire business well in advance to ensure successful automatic execution.


Accurately predict promotion-driven demand

Our AI-driven promotion planning software ensures you capture all relevant demand-influencing factors in your forecasts—including price, promotion type, in-store displays, marketing, timing, and cannibalization and halo effects.


High availability of promoted products

Optimally stock stores and DCs before the promotional period for high availability, automate store replenishment in sync with demand, and easily ramp down inventory before promotions end to minimize excess stock and the need for markdowns.


Plan for automatic execution

RELEX provides immediate visibility into the impacts your planned promotions will have on your demand forecasts, inventory, capacity, and resource requirements, enabling you to increase automation so your planners can focus on exceptions.


Track promotion performance

Take advantage of our system’s powerful, built-in analytics to measure your most important metrics, ensure progress toward targets, and employ a day-by-day breakdown of your sales, inventory, and KPIs.


Align promotion planning across functions

Manage the complete promotion planning and execution process—from product identification and setting promotion type and price to forecasting, inventory management, and planogram creation—in the same system, using the same data.

Impactful results

Increase in promotional forecast accuracy
Reduction in promotional inventory
Reduction of out-of-stocks during promotions

“RELEX’s ability to drive promotional forecasts using historical, store-SKU-specific events was a major driver for us in selecting their product. I believe it to be the number one opportunity for both increasing sales and reducing inventory at The Vitamin Shoppe. ”

Steve Finkelstein, Senior Director of Merchandise Planning and Inventory The Vitamin Shoppe
Highlighted features

Promotion planning software

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Screenshot of keeping promotion data up to dat
Accurate, AI-driven promotional forecasting

RELEX’s AI-driven demand forecasting leverages all of your promotional data to automatically and accurately predict promotional uplifts per store and sales channel.

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Keep your promotion data up to date

RELEX’s promotion management software makes it easy to edit and review your promotional data, including timing, products, stores, price, type, or in-store displays.

Screenshot of keeping promotion data up to dat
See the impact of promotions on operations

Our digital twin modeling tells you how your promotions will impact your sales and operations, enabling planners to compare different promotion scenarios and pick the one that will perform best.

Focus on exceptions through automation

Set your own criteria for exception management so automated alerts can flag live performance that deviates from your business’s targets, ensuring planners can focus on your highest-value actions.



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